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The installation process by Solar Plumbing Design for Bright Power, a LEED certified energy consulting firm, showing a 21-panel Veissman building-integrated system on a sky rise.

Pouring a pad to keep 6 solar storage tanks above any standing water.

Getting in wall pipes installed and insulated so the sheetrockers can finish. Making sure to include the sensor wire.

Piping the tanks together to insure balanced flow.

Placing pump, valves and gauges.

The panels have arrived. We have modified the racks and are mounting them on steel beams.

The panels going up on the racks. They weigh 115 lbs each.

Insulating all pipes interior and exterior. This is the boiler room.

The exterior insulation must be protected from UV radiation with covering. In this case aluminum pipe jackets are used.

The project is complete.





February 1, 2013